The Hunting Set

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Everything you need for your Fall hunting trip! Featuring the 4" JH Hunter/Forager, FireDragon Green & Clean Solid Fuel System and 11" Wyoming Saw, this set has all the tools you'll need while out on those long excursions tracking and harvesting animals this fall. 

The JH Hunter: making meals in the field

The JH Hunter is a chef's hunting/foraging knife. We have taken everything we know about kitchen knives, the hardest working knives there are, and applied it to our hunting knife. Our home, Jackson Hole, WY (JH) is the premier big game hunting center of the lower 48. Though our focus has always been kitchen knives, we figured it was time to make a knife for all of our friends and customers who hunt.

More than just a hunting knife, this knife makes a great all-around belt or camp knife with its time tested saddle leather sheath. Not just for blood and guts, this is the perfect foraging knife, quickly and effectively deployed for cutting wild morels or chanterelles. The Hunter/ Forager is just a great general outdoors knife, from whipping up raft trip or campsite breakfasts to butchering livestock on the farm. Jackson Hole cowboys use it for castrating steers and testify that "It will cut balls all day long."


FireDragon comes packaged in an attractive handy cube that can be conveniently stacked or stored for retail.Each cube contains six 27 gram individual portion packs that can be opened and used when needed.The packaging is recyclable and the outer cube can be burnt along with the FireDragon Solid Fuel. Can be used on outdoor cookers and in conjunction with our folding cooker set. 


​• 6 x 27 g portions per cube

• Recyclable packaging

• Low bulk

• Lightweight (only 178g)

• Easy storage and Easy to open


Wyoming Saw

Features an 11 1/8" hard-point heat treated wood and bone blades. Weighs just 18 ounces with the leather case, and 16 ounces with the camouflage case. Finger guard prevents bruised knuckles. Powder-coated stainless steel frame and a powder-coated aluminum handle can be assembled in seconds. Full frame holds blades taut and makes sawing more efficient than loose-end blades