S7 Throwing Tomahawk - Hickory Handle & Sheath

When we found out that we could cast tomahawks out of the same S7 steel used for the tips of jack hammers, we had to try it. Pretty tough, right?

Across the country axe and tomahawk-throwing bars are popping up. May sound a bit extreme to some, but we just see it as a game of darts, where the darts weigh 1.5lbs and could fell a small tree... If you're going to play a high stakes sport, you'd better have the best gear in the game. That's while you'll soon see the Mountain Man Toy Shop's tomahawk in said bars and why this tomahawk is the best one for your backyard target.

If you've thrown a tomahawk before, you know there are few sounds more gratifying then the sound of a tomahawk sinking into a wood crosscut. Our S7 tomahawk is designed to have perfect balance for throwing with bull’s eye accuracy. Drinking PBR’s and throwing tomahawks at camp or in the backyard is nothing but old fashioned fun. The cast S7 steel construction also makes it a super high performance working hatchet for camping and hunting. The relatively lightweight design of the tomahawk is an ideal addition to any pack. Capable of slitting the pelvis and sternum of large Jackson Hole game elk, moose or bison in no time at all, the round blade edge also works great for skinning. No mountain man would have left the rendezvous without one.

Each Throwing Hawk is cast from American S7 tool steel. Heat treated to increase this steel's already excellent impact and shock resistance you'll typically find S7 in bull riveters and concrete breakers - this tomahawk can take all you've got.

Lifetime guarantee & lifetime free sharpening on tomahawk head. Handle replacements available here.

Important Notes

  1. Tomahawk handles are secured with a pressure fit (i.e. no pins or glue). They will naturally come lose and are easily knocked back into place by tapping the top end of the handle on a stump or ledge until the head knocks back into place. This is a design feature for two reasons: 1. "Give" or "play" in the tomahawk handle allows the force of impact to vibrate out of the tomahawk handle without immediately cracking. 2. After a good amount of use, tomahawk handles will eventually crack, these are set up for easy replacement.

  2. The Ultimate Tomahawk How-To

  3. Tomahawk target set-up

Weight without sheath: 1.5lbs
Made in the USA from American steel and American tung oiled Hickory
54 – 56 HRC
Comes with a custom fitted leather sheath

Laser engraving options available

What our Friends are Saying:
Outside Magazine, " I had been drinking whiskey for a solid 30 minutes before I started throwing the tomahawk ... I wanted to throw that ax again. And again."
Playboy Magazine, "Yell, 'Stay the hell out of my way,' practicing safe axe skills."
Outlaw Magazine, "Everyone can use a tomahawk, and Mountain Man Toy Shop's is the toughest around."

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