S7 Pipe Hawk - Drilled Hickory Handle - Leather Sheath

Hand forged Peace Pipe Tomahawk

Our S7 "Pipe hawk" is a finely crafted tool that can be used as a throwing hawk, camp or hunting hatchet or peace pipe to enjoy a smoke around the campfire. This finely made tool will make any modern mountain man the envy of his buddies when he pulls it out on a camping trip.

The pipe hawk is hand forged and hand ground from S7 tool steel. S7 is tool steel typically used to fabricate bits for impact hammers and other tools that require super high toughness to resist chipping and breaking. The super high toughness of S7 steel refined by forging make it ideal for the requirements of a tomahawk intended for throwing and chopping. The smoking "pull' or backside of the tomahawk head is machined and the eye of the hawk is water jetted. The blade of the hawk is then hand forged to shape. The handle is hollow to allow it to be smoked like a peace pipe. This traditional design was typical of trade tomahawks made for trading in the original mountain man era. Though no cowboy or indian ever had a hawk this high performance and bad ass back in the day.

Our S7 Pipe Hawk was featured on season 2 of the reality show "Top Shot" for its excellent balance as a thrower. This beautiful tool can be hard used as the finest camp and hunting hatchet, for throwing in the woods or in the backyard or for enjoying a smoke. The pipe hawk can be hung on the wall as a handmade art piece representing the finest quality in metal fabrication and a symbol of the rich history of the settling of the American frontier.

The Pipe Hawk comes with a hand made leather sheath. Hand made in Idaho Falls, ID.

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