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Council Tool American Felling Axe - 4 lb, 36''

Council Tool American Felling Axe - 4 lb, 36''

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This particular bit and handle pattern is modeled after the US Forest Service "Boy's Axe" - a mid-sized, pack-tool for work in tough, tough North American forests. The geometry of the head creates a broad blade-angle and the faces of the head are slightly convex. This head bites deeply without sticking too snugly and splits better for its shape and is particularly good for all around performance.

Council Tool has made several improvements on the design of this axe by lengthening the pole and ribbing the eye to increase the strength of the handle's connection to the head.


  • Warranty - Lifetime on Axe Head
  • Handle Length - 28 inch.
  • Handle Wood - Hickory - linseed oil for maintenance
  • Hanging - Softwood wedge crossed with a Steel wedge
  • Bit Weight - 2.5 lb.
  • Edge Hardness - RC(52-56)
  • Total Weight - 3.5 lb.

About the Manufacturer:

It all began with one person… John Pickett Council—farmer, avid outdoorsman, and tool inventor. In 1886, he founded the business that today still bears his family’s name.

Today, Council Tool offers the country’s premier line of heavy-duty, American-made tools for forestry applications and for fighting wildfires. We also serve industries ranging from law enforcement to landscaping, even axe throwing — any industry, profession, or passion that requires heavy-duty hand tools.

Times have changed. Manufacturing methods have changed. And equipment has been modernized. But some things have remained constant. Namely, Council Tool’s dedication to making premium-, precision-, and professional-grade tools for people to use, work with, and enjoy.


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