“The Cadillac of its kind.”

- The Wall Street Journal

“ As beautiful as it is useful.”

- New York Times

“Makes me feel like I can achieve anything.”

- Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

“My best friend in the kitchen.”

- Hunter Lewis, Cooking Light

“Razor sharp and gorgeous.”

- Forbes

“Knife Art”

- Fine Cooking

House Warmer Gift Set Ironwood

The perfect gift set in rustic ironwood
Looking for the perfect house-warming present? Or a unique enhancement to your own knife drawer? Then, the "House-Warmer" set is just the thing to heat up the cutting board. The New West "Chopper" has been a signature knife since our early art show days. The unique shape of this mid-size knife makes it a great complement to any knife collection. Coupled with an Ironwood paring knife, this duo will serve double duty prepping your hors d'oeuvres and then beautifying your cheeseboard. Small, light, and smart - we love this pair for the picnic basket, RV, campsite, or just smartly nestled in your knife drawer in their leather sheaths. 

The Chopper 
While vegetables have nightmares about this chopping champion, you will have sweet dreams about making salads and salsa.  A mid-size knife that makes a large-size impact on the cutting board. 
Learn more about the Ironwood Chopper

The Paring
Our paring knife has a modified "Drop Point Design" which results in a more "forgiving" knife that doesn't get stuck when coring an apple or removing the eyes of a potato. Once you get used to this unique shape, you'll love it and never want to use another paring knife. The broad belly and generous curve are particularly perfect for those who tend to use a paring knife for everything. Though the blade is small, the handle is ample- giving the blade a firm agility in the hand.  
Learn more about the Ironwood Paring

Each chef knife comes in an embossed leather sheath.

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