Antique Cleaver - L&I J. White 9''

Blade Length: 9"

Overall Length: 15"

Max Blade Width: 5"

Buffalo’s Best Butcher Blade
Do you remember your grandma or grandpa saying “they don’t make’em like they used to?” Well, this finely formed hunk from the “Age of Steel” proves why. With 9” and enough mass to cleave the bones of the burliest Hiscock-dig mastodon or clobber the stoutest root veggies, this legendary blade will serve you and your descendants for ages to come. Our makers have refurbished the blade and upgraded the handle so it performs better than ever.     

From Cleavers to Ice Skates to the National Hockey League
The history of small business in America is full of colorful, creative characters like Leonard and Ichabod Jewett White, who founded  the L&I J White Company in 1837. After opening a small tool shop in Michigan, the brothers moved there business to Buffalo, which was a national center of innovation in its heyday as “The City of Lights.” Among other things, the brothers received a patent for a process which revolutionized the way ice skates were fastened together. Ironically, the L&I J White Company was located at the site where the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres Arena stands today.   

Living Americana: Practical Artifacts from the Golden Age of Steel
At New West KnifeWorks, we value the ancient tradition of knife-making even as we forge new paths of innovative glory. Our refurbished cleavers come from an era where extraordinary steel was extremely cheap. To make cleavers of this mass and quality of steel today would be prohibitively expensive to produce from scratch. But our makers search out these diamonds in the rough at old antique shows, flea markets or grandma’s garage, refurbishing the blades and handles to give them a new, improved life in the 21st Century.  
In the Press

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