Jonathan Wessel Damascus Broken Back Seax #007

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15N20/1080 Damascus Blade

Ironwood Handle

Red G10 Liners

Leather Sheath

3 3/4" Blade Length

7 1/2" Overall Length


Artist Bio:

“In my life, nothing has captivated me more than knives.” For New West knifemaker Jonathan Wessel, it all goes back to that first Swiss Army knife his father gave him at the ripe young age of 12. Life after that moment changed for him, and his fascination with sharp things began. Born in England and raised in Kentucky, Jonathan obsessed over knives and learned to sharpen them early on. Through his time in Boy Scouts and countless hours spent on Youtube, he honed his knife sharpening skills. His path eventually led him to school in Rexburg, Idaho, and then to Las Vegas where he worked as a knife sharpener, sharpening around 1000 knives a day. Once back in Idaho, he stopped into our Jackson Hole store on a weekend trip, and, as fate would have it, we were looking for a knife sharpener.

Jonathan jumped at the opportunity, and became one of our early production knife makers as well, quickly rising through the ranks of NWKW and also pioneering our restoration program. Jonathan has most recently committed to our in-house custom knife shop full-time, alongside New West blacksmith Jack Rellstab. Jonathan’s biggest inspiration comes from the question, “Is this something I would own and want to use myself?” The desire to make knives that are functional and utilitarian drives his designs day in and day out. 


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