Excalibur Rock Block x Jack Rellstab 11" Custom Mosaic Damascus Western Chef #068

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Sword In Stone
Inspired by the tale of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone, this one of a kind "knife in rock" features a custom Damascus Jack Rellstab Western Chef with its very own rock block, hand-crafted from Amboyna Burl, Speckled Granite, and Royal Blue Resin. 

Functional Art
As always, our mixed media rock blocks are the culmination of our commitment to "functional art." Our makers work with river stones, wood and resin to produce a stunning and practical vessel that keeps knives conveniently at hand while transforming the kitchen into an aesthetic space.

Jack Rellstab
Jack Rellstab started making knives at 12 years old. His first forays weren’t necessarily a success- aluminum isn’t exactly the ideal blade material. Jack’s life really changed once his father told him that he could use power tools. “It changed my whole mindset, it opened up a door to make things.” From the beginning, he saw materials and thought to himself, “what can I make out of this?” After plenty of trial, error, and countless YouTube videos, Jack started honing his skills as a knifemaker. From the beginning, he had the mindset of making his knives to the highest standard he possibly could. As his mentor, Kevin Casey once said, “good and good enough are not the same thing.” 

At 15, he responded to our ad in the paper looking for a knife sharpener. It was the inception of something special and, not long after, Jack began brining in knives to be sold on commission from our Jackson store. Never to be satisfied, Jack continues to refine his knife-making skills and, as of June 2021, is one of the youngest ABS Journeymen knife makers. Working out of a brand new forge built in partnership with New West KnifeWorks, Jack Rellstab is poised to put his mark on the knife world.

Knife Specs
15N20/1080 Mosaic Pattern Damascus
Handle: Koa Wood

Overall length: 16.25"
Blade length: 11.25"
Blade height at choil: 2.125"

Block Specs
Height: 12"

Width" 7.5"
Depth: 6"
Clearance height needed to remove knife: 18"

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