Jim P. Poling Stag Handle Damascus Bowie

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A message from the maker:

"I've been making knives seriously since 1983 however my interest in knife making started when I was a youth in school. I have been using and carrying a knife for almost as long as I can remember in both military and private life and have always been fascinated by them. I began doing stock removal with the crudest of tools when in high school, but after making a new friend while in the Air Force who taught me to forge knives, I was hooked! I'm sure that my overwhelming attraction to forging was in some part due to hypnotic glow of the fire but most of all I have a natural interest in all things traditional. You will see this in the knives I make, they tend to have a fairly simple and traditional feel.

I first became a member of the American Bladesmiths Society (ABS) in 1987 and began studying the teachings of the ABS Masters while attending several seminars . I have been blessed with tremendously talented friends that have offered invaluable advice and help in my journey through this craft. In 2010 I achieved one of my long time goals when I was awarded the ABS Journeyman's stamp."

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