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Ranger Belt

When Jimmy Hoffa turned up at a gas station in Ten Sleep, Wyoming, this is the belt the sheriff used to hog-tie him to the fender of his Bronco until the feds arrived. Fact or fiction? You decide, but there's no doubt that whether sheriff or sportsman, this brown, double-tongued belt is hefty enough to carry a cocked-and-locked 1911 or a MMTS Damascus skinning knife and binocular case without dragging your britches down. Made by Triple K, a tried and trusted name in American leather since 1946, this ranger belt is crafted from tough saddle leather. Covered with a classic basket-weave pattern, it's stylish enough to wear to our beloved Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, but leave the .45 in the Bronc.

1 3/4" wide, sizes 34-40. Made in the USA.

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