Triple K Money Belt


The Money Belt

Wet, dry, dirty, wrinkled or squashed, the almighty U.S. dollar is like a twinkle in a father's eye. It's the beginning of something wonderful. When mud season rolls around, plenty of Jackson Hole locals spend their hard-earned cash on adventures far outside the valley. But if they find themselves in Ulaanbaatar's Black Market trying to get a pointy-crotched Mongol saddle for that ride out to Karakorum, they can forget about any greenback magic. The street urchins there frisk your pockets and run off with your savings faster than most municipal traffic stops.

Enter the money belt. With an 18" interior zipper for your dollars/pounds/yen/ducats/cheddar (and maybe a passport photocopy), carry all your cash with you, safe from prying hands. From airport security to hostel bunk mates to that tuk-tuk driver who takes you to his cousin's juicy bar instead of the royal palace, many will try to help lighten your burden of exotic travel. Stop 'em cold.

Made by Triple K, a tried and trusted name in American leather since 1946, this tan belt is crafted from hefty saddle leather. 1 1/2" wide, Sizes 34-40. Solid brass buckle. Made in the USA.

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