10" Black Handle Fine Grit White Sharpening Rod

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Don't hone but sharpen your knives with Ceramic Steel!

In 20 years of knife making, New West KnifeWorks has seen, heard, and tried almost every way possible to sharpen our stuff. Sharpening rods should be your first line of defense against edge deterioration. Depending on the grade and grit of your honing rod, one can easily resurrect edges on tools and knives. That is why we highly suggest the killer combo of a Coarse and Fine Ceramic Honing Rod. THIS IS NOT A METAL HONING ROD THAT WILL HELP KEEP A SHARP KNIFE SHARP. THIS IS A KNIFE SHARPENER THAT WILL GRIND AWAY METAL AND RE-SHARPEN YOUR KNIFE.

Fine Grit Sharpening Rod:
This sharpening rod is a great companion to our coarse grit rod for fine, finishing work. Ceramic is much harder than steel and the 1200 grit coarseness refines, smooths, and further restores a very fine edge.

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Made in the USA.

  • Polished and refined edge is easily achieved with this ceramic sharpener
  • No oil is needed - just sharpen dry
  • Durable construction will provide years of consistent performance and reliable service

Ceramic 10" (203.2 mm)

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