The Best Chef Knives are American Made

August 21, 2020

The Best Chef Knives are American Made

The best chef knives in the world are now made in America. Why? Because that’s what all these people say!

"Our Favorite Knives." Saveur     "As beautiful as it is useful." NY Times

"The perfect balance of power and grace."  Bon Appetit  

"Knife Art." Fine Cooking          "Next Level." Bloomberg

"America's Best." Cooking Light     "As beautiful as it is useful." Food and Wine

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What makes them better? Innovation- Yankee ingenuity keeps us on the cutting edge. 

The traditional knife-making powerhouses have been Germany and Japan. Kitchen knives developed to address the cooking styles and needs of these countries. In Japan the diet and cuisine called for a knife that is used primarily for slicing, and the traditional Japanese knife is extremely sharp. On the other end of the spectrum, German knives developed primarily to handle chopping, and so, these knives are known for there toughness and durability. 

In the modern kitchen, people need to do a variety of tasks. Chopping AND slicing. At New West KnifeWorks, we’ve taken the best qualities of both traditions- super sharp and extremely tough. East meets West and it’s the best of both worlds.

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How can we do this? The secret is in the steel.

The reason the German and Japanese knives developed in different directions is that, traditionally, when working with steel, you have to make choices. Steel is not one thing- it is the result of many different kinds of processes and ingredients. Subtle changes in production yield vastly different results. In the past, a steel maker had to choose between a steel which would be very sharp or very tough, for example. Or very tough and stainless. In the past, every choice involved sacrifice. For example, a butter knife is great because you can leave it in a sink full of water all day, but you would never use it to slice a steak or chop an onion. 

So, the challenge for fine knife-makers has been to try to balance out the potential benefits and drawbacks of different kinds of steel. 

Given the limitations they had to deal with, these old knives were pretty impressive. BUT things have changed since we sent a man to the moon. 

American made means cutting edge steel for the digital age. Our latest line of G-Fusion knives are the closest you can get to a light-saber on this side of the galaxy. 

At New West KnifeWorks, we fully exploit technological breakthroughs to make the best knives possible, that is our commitment. Utilizing “powder metal” technology, our knives are able to transcend the old limitations of the traditional knife-makers. This means you don’t need to choose between a really tough knife that is kind of sharp and a sharp knife knife that needs to be handled delicately so it doesn’t chip, break, or turn into a big hunk of rust. S35VN powder metal steel exceeds other manufactured steels in just about every category- sharpness, toughness, stain-resistance, edge-holding, and ease of sharpening. 

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Well, why isn’t everybody using it?

You get what you pay for in this world. For whatever reason, the overseas knife-giants are going the way of Walmart. Sacrificing quality for volume. For example, these days many top “German knives” are actually made in China. This outsourcing of manufacturing reveals where their priorities lie, making more money, not making the best knives.

At New West KnifeWorks, we aren’t interested in selling our knives to the masses if it means sacrificing quality. There will always be people who are interested in the best, and those are the customers we cater to. 

Still not convinced?

We have a 30 day "In Hand" money back guarantee. Take one of our knives for a test run in your kitchen for the ultimate proof!

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