Farfalli Fibra Carbon Fiber Wine Key

The wine key of the future should look futuristic and handle even better. Farfalli, Italy's premier manufacturer of professional-grade wine keys, does not fail to deliver with their Fibra wine key. The handle is solid carbon fiber. This makes the wine key incredibly light without sacrificing strength or rigidity, leaving the frame tough enough to handle even repeated use by professional sommeliers. The rest of the design receives equal attention to detail and function: the key features a double-hinge design, a crucial feature for attaining the proper leverage to lift the cork straight out without bending it. The spiral has six twists and hugs the cork to gently raise it up, unlike some other manufacturers' wine keys which have sharp edges and tend to rip out the center of a dry cork. On the back is a blade for cutting foil. A sharp, functional wine key that will give you years of service with sleek good looks.

Function: Double lever (Farfalli DLS)
Structure: Carbon Fiber
Spiral: Hardened steel AISI 420 (PVD surface treatment)
Blade: Hardened steel AISI 420 (polished)
Levers: Stainless Steel, PVD surface treatment.

Made in Maniago, Italy