There are many fish in the sea, but you’re sure you’ve found the one.

They may be your best fishing buddy or your closest kitchen confidante, so make sure you’ve got them hook, line, and sinker with our “Lure Them In Gift Set” featuring New West’s G-Fusion Slotted Fish Spatula and the flexible Fillet Knife.

The G-Fusion Fillet Knife

Our S35VN powder metal is the highest performance steel ever used to make a fillet knife. Designed for both the avid outdoor enthusiast and professional chef, our new fillet knife has exceeded all of our expectations as America's premium cutlery boutique. The thin blade is seven inches long and has a multi-stepped taper to create the perfect amount of flex. The geometry of this blade's shape is designed to match perfectly to the curve of a fish, and long enough to reach the deep bones of any animal. Each long slicing stroke is stabilized by the full tang.

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The G-Fusion Fish Spatula

Fish can be on of the easiest meals to prep in the kitchen, but it is the dreaded “flipping” of the fish that can be a bit intimidating. 

Long, thin, and extremely flexible, our slotted spatula provides the ease needed to turn delicate fish fillets, whole fishes, and your famous Maryland Crab Cakes. Our slotted spatula carries our bombproof G-Fusion handle, and a full tang.  

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Fillet Knife Specs

Blade Length 7.0 inches  
Overall Length 13.0 inches  
Max blade width 1.875 inches  
Steel thickness .160 inches  
Blade thickness .006-.003 inches  
Weight 5.7 ounces  
Steel Type Crucible CPM S35VN Super High Carbon Stainless Powder Steel HRC 59-60

Spatula Specs

Overall Length:  11.0”
Spatula Length: 6.5”
Spatula Width:  3.0”