Ironwood Six Piece Steak Knife Gift Set

A Carnivore's Best Friend - in Ironwood

Our sexy steak knife cuts even better than it looks. The unique blade has serration where it's needed to protect the edge from cutting on hard ceramic plates, with razor sharp straight edges to start and finish the cut.  Our 2.0 steak knife features a super thin plunge ground blade for incredible cutting ability and balance. 

A great way to store your set of steak knives! Our new sustainably-harvested teak steak knife block is a real beauty. Nice enough to set out, this box keeps your knives from banging around in your drawer.


Desert Ironwood
**Please note: this is a natural material and each handle will have unique grain patterns**

As the first major addition to our chef knife collection since switching to G10 handles for our "G-Fusion" line, New West KnifeWorks is proud to offer our line of Desert Ironwood S35VN chef knives. After months of testing various hardwoods and laminate woods for durability, water resistance, and overall look and feel, the richly textured desert ironwood rose to the top.
Because desert ironwood grows in such water-depleted environments, its grain structure is incredibly dense (so dense that it sinks in water), which leads it to have incredible strength and durability. In fact - this wood is so hard that it takes more material and time for our production team to get the scales shaped into New West' smooth and ergonomic knife handles. 
To care for this material, we recommend avoiding harsh soaps or solvents on the handle (a little dish soap now and then is fine). The deep colors and rich shine quickly come back to life with a bit of mineral oil applied with a rag. No lacquer or sealant is applied to the ironwood, so it will readily absorb the oil and look shiny and new all over again.
Steak Knife Dimensions
Blade Length 3.25 inches  
Overall Length 8.5 inches  
Max blade width .75 inches  
Steel thickness .120 inches  
Blade thickness .075 inches  
Weight 2.4 ounces  
Steel Type 440c High   Carbon 

Stainless Steel


What our Friends are Saying:

Veranda Magazine: "The wares at New West are beautifully handmade.... It is my son's favorite store."
Food & Wine and Chef Matt Molina: 
"Best steak knives ... elegant blades ... unlike most steak knives, these won't shred your dinner."


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