7 Piece Figured Teak Knifeblock Set
7 Piece Figured Teak Knifeblock Set
7 Piece Figured Teak Knifeblock Set
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The 7 piece chef knives set in highly figured teak wood is more than just a set of kitchen knives. Turn your kitchen counter into a gallery to display this piece of sculpture.  This design won Best of Show at the Indian Wells Arts Show.  The functional set contains all the chef knives an avid cook will ever need: The Super Bread, Santoku, Chopper Chef Knife, Petty Utility knife, Mini Chopper/Cheese Cleaver, Paring and Mini Paring knives.  

This set comes with all of our revolutionary Fusionwood 2.0 knives.

The beautiful chef knifeblock is made with highly figured Teak renowned for its beauty and durability.  For centuries, teak has been used to make finest quality wooden boats due to it's beauty, durability,and resistance to moisture.  For these blocks, the wood is hand selected for the highest figure and beauty.  The wood is plantation grown and handcrafted in Costa Rica by our partners who's primary business goal is to reclaim degraded slash and burn cattle ranches by replanting them with over 70 species of tropical hardwoods and to protect existing primary rainforest.  The wood has the highest levels of sustainable certification including FSC certification. 

Chef Knife sets come with assorted handle colors.  Special handle colors available upon request.  If you want specific colors, give us a call 877-258-0100 or email us at info@newwestknifeworks.com

If you would prefer the deli knife, chef knife or other combinations we will be happy to accommodate your wishes. 

Production of knifeblocks is very limited.  Order NOW!