7 Piece Mango Wood Knifeblock Set


The 7 piece chef knives set in Mango Wood is more than just a set of kitchen knives. Turn your kitchen counter into a gallery to display this piece of sculpture. King Cocobolo is a dark, rich harwood with a romantic red hue.  This design won Best of Show at the Indian Wells Arts Show.  The functional set contains all the chef knives an avid cook will ever need: 
Our signature Superbread, Santoku, Chopper, Petty Knife, Mini Chopper, Paring and Mini Paring knives. 

The beautiful chef knife block is made from Mango Wood. Mango, is fairly new to the world of manufactured materials.  Across the global Mango Wood is gaining a reputation as extremely beautiful wood that carries fine gain structures and a natural polish.

Our 7 Piece chef knife set come with assorted handle colors.  Special requests can be made for different colors and knives.  If you would like specific colors and certain knives, give us a call 877-258-0100 or email us at Anthony@newwestknifeworks.com


What our Friends are Saying:


Forbes Life ,"New West makes "kitchen jewelry," really beautiful knives....but are practical as they are good looking, combining cutting edge technology with craftsmanship."


Featured in NPR's Weekend Market Place: Things That Last. (Listen to the PodCast) 


Elle DecorKitchen Tool Box Feature. "Looking Sharp."