2pc "House-warmer" Gift Set

The perfect "gift set."

Looking for the perfect house-warming present? Or a unique enhancement to your own knife drawer? Then, the "House-Warmer" set is just the thing to heat up the cutting board. The New West "Chopper" has been a signature knife since our early art show days. The unique shape of this mid-size knife makes it a great complement to any knife collection. Coupled with a G-Fusion paring knife, this duo will serve double duty prepping your h'ordeuvres and then beautifying your cheese board. Small, light, and smart- we love this pair for the picnic basket, RV, campsite, or just smartly nestled in your knife drawer in their leather sheathes. 

To select your knife handle colors for an "assorted" set, please indicate in the notes during checkout. 

The 'Chopper' is a New West classic. Vegetables have nightmares about these professional quality knives, while you'll have sweet dreams about the smoothness and ease of all your slicing and chopping. The Chopper was the hands-down winner of the "New West Salsa Test." You'll learn to love chopping again with the Chopper in your kitchen. The Chopper has been featured in Cooking Light, Cigar Aficianado, Fine Cooking, and Bon Appetit.

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Our Paring Knife is the only one you will ever need (even for those die-hards who won't use anything else). Unlike many paring knives which are very pointy and dig into fruit and vegetables, our G-Fusion Paring knife has a modified Drop Point Design. This results in a more forgiving knife when you are coring an apple or removing the eyes from potatoes. Also, the broad curve of the blade lets Aunt Suzy chop carrots with it even though she's not supposed to. Once you get used to this unique shape, you will love it. But don't assume that just because the blade is small, the handle should be dinky too. Our paring knife handle is a full four inches, which lends it firm agility in the hand. 

Each chef knife comes in an embossed leather sheath. 

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If two knives just won't cut it, we also have Three Piece and Four Piece suggested sets.

What our Friends are Saying:

Bon Appetit: "The handles dazzle while the ultra-sharp blades take care of business."