2 Piece Chef Knife Set

Start your kitchen renaissance with our 2 Piece Chef Knife Set. This chef knife and paring knife set make the perfect gift. The chopper chef knife can do just about everything a regular chef knife can do, but is a more manageable size. You will admire the paring knife for its beauty and love it for its functionality. Both the Chef Knife and the Paring Knife comes with an individual leather sheath. The 2 piece chef knife set is the beginning of a New West KnifeWorks collection.

 45 members of the Cooking Club of America evaluated the New West Chopper Chef Knife as part of the Cooking Club's product test program. Cooking Pleasures magazine published the results in which the Chopper Chef Knife received a 100% approval rating. The following are quotes from their test forms:

'I would tell anybody that this is one of the best knives — if not the best — I've ever used.'... 'It sliced a tomato like it was butter.' ... 'This knife is not only functional, it's a work of art.'... 'The Fusionwood Chopper now fills the slot in my knife block, and my Calphalon 8-inch chef knife is in a drawer.' Read all of the Chopper's test results.

'I have to say that it did an amazing job chopping the jalapeños, onions and garlic that I used for dinner. The beautiful hardwood veneer handle was only the first thing I liked about this knife. The sharp high-carbon stainless steel blade is very well tuned, easy to handle and light. These characteristics make this knife an excellent addition in any kitchen.... If you can get your hands (literally) on one of these beauties, don’t hesitate. They are a work of art....' Ben Herrara, whatscooking.us. Read the original review.

 'Knife Art.' fine Cooking Magazine. Read the original review.