Farfalli Custom Damascus Wine Key

We here at New West KnifeWorks are fortunate to have a one-of-a-kind wine key from reknowned Italian maker Farfalli. This Damascus wine key is one of only one made. Over 150 layers of two different types of stainless steel are layered, twisted, and hand forged to create the handle of this wine key. The design is unique to this wine key only and it shows up beautifully on the surface under light, yet penetrates all the way through the handle itself. The wine key comes with leather case with snap closures for carrying. A rare chance to own one of the finest wine keys in the world.

Function: Double lever (Farfalli DLS)
Structure: Stainless Steel Damascus - Superdense Twist
Spiral: Hardened AISI 420 steel (polished)
Blade: Hardened AISI 420 steel (polished)
Levers: Stainless Steel (mirror polished)
Made in Maniago, Italy