Viper's Boletus- The Mushroom Knife

There are two seasons in Jackson- Winter and August.  Somewhere inbetween snowfalls our little mountain town experieces a mycologial miracle. Throught the valley some of the best wild mushrooms in the world sprout their fungi bodies only to be devoured many Jackson Locals.  During his trip to Italy Corey found the perfect mushroom knife. With a hooked blade and a hidden rear bristle Viper's Boletus makes all mushroom forging an European adventure. 

The hooked blade makes harvesting mushrooms an easy feat.  And the bristle brush is meant to provide the deepest clean to any mushroom stem.

Our advice when cooking Morels and Chanterelles: Butter and Salt.


Viper's Boletus

Overall Length: 7.25 inches
Blade Length: 2.75 inches
Wieght: 3.67 oz
Steel: 440A Stainless