Ruby Sharpening Steel
Ruby Sharpening Steel
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The new Sintered 8 inch Ruby Sharpening Steel is our latest discovery in knife sharpening. This is the best sharpener we have ever used. This sharpening steel is made of a sintered tube of powdered carborundum. The mineral in rubies. It combines the best characteristics of diamond and ceramic steels without any of the negatives. It removes material with the speed and ease of diamond steel while having the long life and versatility of ceramic steel. It is also indestructible.

Currently, we are the only company that sells these steels in the USA.

"While at the 2012 Blade Show in Atlanta, I met a German engineer who showed me a 4" ruby red tube he had tied on a string. He called it his little pocket sharpener. I tried it on my pocket knife and it put a hair popping sharp edge on my blade in about 30 seconds. I asked where I could get one for myself. He said it was the only one of its kind but I could get some steels made out of the material. Even better I thought. It turned out there was no distribution in the US; they ended shipping them all the way from Germany. I asked the engineer if I could get just one of the little tube sharpeners just for me. Then he told me that when he cut the one for himself, he had burned up three diamond saw blades to do it." Corey Milligan NWKW

Diamond steels work really well and fast but they wear out over time and if you use too much pressure you can destroy them in a short time. The reason is that the diamonds are just adhered to the surface and wear or get scraped off over time. Ceramic steels last virtually forever but the ceramic material is not as hard as Diamonds so they don’t work as quickly.  The Ruby Steel is just below diamonds on the hardness scale so they cut or remove materially quickly and the wall of the ruby tube is about an 1/8” thick so it will last virtually forever.  Also like a ceramic steel, you can use heavy pressure to remove material quickly if the knife is dull but because the material is very fine you can use light pressure at the end to create a shaving sharp edge.

We were originally concerned about the relative shortness of the steel at 8"'s.  It works just fine even on the 9" chef.