6 Piece Steak Knife Gift Set
6 Piece Steak Knife Gift Set
6 Piece Steak Knife Gift Set - Sherwood
6 Piece Steak Knife Gift Set - Shoshone
6 Piece Steak Knife Gift Set - Flamenco
6 Piece Steak Knife Gift Set
6 Piece Steak Knife Gift Set - G10 Black
6 Piece Steak Knife Gift Set
6 Piece Steak Knife Gift Set - Flamenco
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Please note the holiday discount code does not apply to the 6 piece steak knife set!

New  G-Fusion is here!  Available in our Shoshone and Sherwood colors, our new G-Fusion line features a multi-layered G10 fiber composite handle.  Escorting our signature S35VN steel, these handles are heat resistant and bombproof.   Be the first to have our new knives grace your kitchen. 

Our sexy steak knife cuts even better than it looks. The unique blade has serration where it's needed to protect the edge from cutting on hard ceramic plates, with razor sharp straight edges to start and finish the cut.  Our 2.0 steak knife features a super thin plunge ground blade and tapered tang for incredible cutting ability and balance.

The knives are available in one colored sets. Six knives, one color.  

A great way to store your set of steak knives! Our new sustainably harvested teak steak knife block is a real beauty. Nice enough to set out, this box keeps your knives from rubbing against one another and from banging around in your drawer.

Blade Length 3.25 inches  
Overall Length 8.5 inches  
Max blade width .75 inches  
Steel thickness .120 inches  
Blade thickness .075 inches  
Weight 2.4 ounces  
Steel Type 440c High Carbon Stainless    


Pioneers of the cutting edge- the New West Knifeworks difference   

  • Fusionwood 2.0  Premium 'powder metal steel,' state of the art blade design, and elegant, handcrafted handles make 'Knife Art.' 

  • American Made  New West Knives are crafted by skilled American workers using the finest USA made steel. 

  • A Greener Knife  New West Knives are produced in a factory run entirely on its own onsite hydro-electric generator powered by the nearby river.