Paring Knife Fusionwood 2.0  - Harvest
Paring Knife Fusionwood 2.0  - Peacock
Paring Knife Fusionwood 2.0
Paring Knife Fusionwood 2.0  - Black G10 Handle
Paring Knife Fusionwood 2.0  - Peacock
Price: $99.00 Quantity:

The search for the perfect paring knife is over. And for those who only use a paring knife, this is the only one you will need in your kitchen.  Each chef knife comes in an embossed leather sheath. Unlike many paring knives which are very "Pointy" and dig into fruit and vegetables when you use them, the Fusionwood 2.0 paring knife has a modified Drop Point Design.  This results in a more forgiving knife when you are using to core an apple or remove the eyes or blemishes from potatos.  Once you get used to this unique shape, you will love it. And one last thing, just because the blade is small, doesn't mean the handles should be too. Our Paring Knife handle is still a stern but fair four inches, in order to fit the biggest and the small of five digit extremities.

"When presentation is a concern, the Paring Knife is your Savior. Control, Balance, and Small Features, make detailing your final ingredents much easier. Hands like a surgeon do help too." - Anthony Campolattaro NWKW Team Member.


Blade Length 2.875 inches  
Overall Length 7.0 inches  
Max blade width .625 inches  
Steel thickness .120 inches  
Blade thickness .075-.020 inches  
Weight 2.3 ounces  
Steel Type Crucible CPM S35VN Super High Carbon Stainless Powder Steel HRC 60-61


What our Friends are Saying:
Imbibe, " Good For: Slicers and Dicers with an arty eye for design."
We Heart Food, "I may actually have to look for more opportunities to use this paring knife!"

Pioneers of the cutting edge- the New West Knifeworks difference   

  • Fusionwood 2.0  Premium 'powder metal steel,' state of the art blade design, and elegant, handcrafted handles make 'Knife Art.' 

  • American Made  New West Knives are crafted by skilled American workers using the finest USA made steel. 

  • A Greener Knife  New West Knives are produced in a factory run entirely on its own onsite hydro-electric generator powered by the nearby river.

  • Super Steel  Crucible S35VN powder metal steel transcends all the traditional limitations of working with high-carbon, stainless steel. That means a knife with the optimal combination of sharpness, edge holding, toughness, stain resistance, and sharpenability.