G-Fusion JH Hunter/ Forager - All Black G10
 G-Fusion JH Hunter/ Forager - Sherwood
 G-Fusion JH Hunter/ Forager - Shoshone
 G-Fusion JH Hunter/ Forager - Cadet
 G-Fusion JH Hunter/ Forager - MTN Huckleberry
 G-Fusion JH Hunter/ Forager - Lichen
 G-Fusion JH Hunter/ Forager - Peacock
 G-Fusion JH Hunter/ Forager - Sunburst
 G-Fusion JH Hunter/ Forager - Peacock
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The JH Hunter is a chefs hunting/ foraging knife.  We have taken everything we know about kitchen knives, the hardest working knives there are, and applied it to our hunting knife.  Our home, Jackson Hole, WY (JH) is the premier big game hunting center of the lower 48.  Though our focus has always been kitchen knives, we figured it was time to make a knife for all of our friends and customers here who hunt.    “I am just a meat hunter but I worked with my buddies who are hunting guides, taxidermists and big game trophy hunters to create a knife merging their experience in dressing out game and my experience in making kitchen knives that can cut all day, everyday for a lifetime.” Corey Milligan 

More than just a hunting knife.  this knife makes a great all around belt or camp knife.  This is the perfect size foraging knife.  With its time tested saddle leather sheath, it can be quickly and effectively deployed for cutting wild morels or chantrelles.  It's a great for general outdoor use. The Hunter/ Forager is an excellent tool to take when butching livestock on the farm. JH Cowboys say "it will cut balls all day long when castrating steers".   With the soul of a chefs knife, it is also great for food prep around the campsite.

The JH Hunter/ Forager features

 The blade is made from CPM S35VN the highest performance steel available for a hunting knife.  It has the best combination of edge holding, toughness, stain resistance and sharpenability in the world. 

The blade features our 2.0 blade design.   We start with a thick piece of steel (.175”) then plunge in a thin blade for a hunting knife (.095).  Most hunting knives are made with overly thick blades that are good for showing off and stabbing dirt but not very good for cutting meat.  Our thin blade cuts through flesh, sinew and skin like its butter.  The super tough CPM S35VN steel will hold up to any challenge without breaking or chipping.  Our 2.0 design also features a tapered tang to give the blade excellent balance.

Large Drop Point Profile:  Our 3.75” drop point blade shape is great for field dressing and skinning game ranging from birds to bison.

Full sized handle:  The JH Hunter has a full sized handle that is comfortablewhether it is held in a pinch grip like a chef or a more traditional grip.  The large size and handle shape allow for a secure grip even when covered in blood and guts.  The handle is the same size our chopper and petty knife which have stood up to years of hard use in kitchens everywhere.   We offer several different handle materials that are bombproof, functional and beautiful.

Full Grain Leather Sheath:  The knife comes with a fitted leather sheath that is held securely in place with a belt loop, strap and snap.   It will hold your knife on your belt even if things get western with a string of ponies. 

Blade Length

3.75 inches

Overall Length

9 inches

Steel Type

CPM S35VN Powder Metal   High Carbon Stainless Tool Steel.    Crucible Steel


What our Friends are Saying:

Susan R. (Morgantown, WV), "Our son-in-law grabbed one of your hunting knives...and was blown away by the edge the knife held."


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