G-Fusion 6" Petty - Peacock Production Seconds

 30% Off Production Seconds - Peacock Pettys with Minor Blemish

With our exacting quality standards, even the smallest blemish doesn't get the pass. These shaving sharp New West Pettys with the tiniest of blemishes around the knife pins look, feel, and work just like our regular Choppers with the exception of a little bit of black adhesive showing too prominently around the brass pins in the handle. For this reason we've marked them down by 35% and will sell this batch of 12 knives off as quickly as we can - so get yours at this great prices while supplies last.


PLEASE NOTE: New West Production Seconds are made with all the same materials as our standard G-Fusion Choppers and are sharp as can be. For this reason they still have the same Lifetime Guarantee. HOWEVER, we do not offer free sharpening for life for Production Seconds.

The Petty is the ultimate kitchen utility knife. In order to survive in the kitchen, you really only need two kitchen knives: a paring and a chef. The G-Fusion Petty utility knife challenges that notion. This classic Japanese blade shape works great as a peeling, paring, boning and carving knife for vegetables, fruits, herbs and other delicate work. However, it will also take on some of the slicing and dicing jobs of a large chef knife. This versatile style is a favorite among professional chefs.  

This is everyone's favorite knife. It's a do-everything-else knife for pros and the go-to knife for home users who aren't comfortable with a larger blade. The perfect gift for a cook no matter their ability.

What is a utility knife for the kitchen? In between the two essential knives for any chef - a chef knife and a paring - is a utility knife. Learn more about utility knives and why they are essential to both the professional and home kitchen here: About Kitchen Utility Knives.



Blade   Length 5.5 inches  
Overall Length 11 inches  
Max blade width 1.187 inches  
Steel thickness 0.160 inches  
Blade thickness .075-.020  inches  
Weight 3.6 ounces  
Steel Type:  Crucible CPM S35VN High Carbon Stainless Powder metal steel. HRC 59-60