2pc "Classic Starter Set"

The 2pc Classic Starter Set - For the culinary artist

This classic combo covers everything you need on the cutting board. Conventional wisdom says you need two knives to take care of business, a chef knife and a paring knife. If you or your loved one is kindling a passion for cooking-- quality knives will get the fire going. The Classic Starter set is a great investment for a lifetime of culinary adventure.

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The 8-inch Chef Knife or as we like to call it, "The Lightspeed 8" was deliberately designed for folks who find a traditional 8-inch chef cumbersome or intimidating. The graceful blade shape, tapered tang, and super thin blade grind makes this nimble knife come alive in your hand. The thick steel in front of the handle makes for a blister-free pinch grip. The relatively narrow width of the blade is a departure from the recent fad of making knives extra wide. The blade is wide enough to provide plenty of clearance for your knuckles on the cutting board while making it more nimble and useful for slicing and turning cuts. 

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Our Paring Knife is the only one you will ever need. Unlike many paring knives which are very pointy and dig into fruit and vegetables, our G-Fusion Paring knife has a modified Drop Point Design. This results in a more forgiving knife when you are coring an apple or removing the eyes from potatoes. Once you get used to this unique shape, you will love it. But don't assume that just because the blade is small, the handle should be dinky too. Our paring knife handle is a full four inches, which lends it firm agility in the hand.

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