Erin Hemming's Artisan Knife Blocks:

Red River Stone 7pc Knife Block

Materials:  Snake River quartz based granite, Walnut core, Aluminum accent plates, Solid stainless steel rods, and Patina steel base.

*Commissioned and other custom peices can be built to order. Please contact us for more information.

The Red River Stone 7pc Knife Block is specifically cut to fit our Superbread, Santoku, Chopper, Petty, Mini Chopper, Paring and Mini Paring chef knives.  Save 15% on all G-Fusion knives when purchasing the whole set.

Design Notes:  

Harvested directly from the local Snake River, these stones are all quartz based variations of granite.  Erin's stone blocks were built using tools that are not available to buy.  Erin Hemming's River Rock Collection required the ability to cut the rocks radially around the edge.  A special 18" diamond saw was designed, invented, and built to accomplish this concept.  The saw uses gravity to lower a swing arm into the stone while the stone is rotated.  Through much reasearch, We have found no similar saw or process in existence.

The legs on the large blocks are stainless steel rod that was turned and tapped on a lathe, allowing the bottom plate stand to be bolted on securely.

*Due to the extreme craftsmanship of these pieces, Erin also designs and builds custom delivery crates. Increased shippings costs will be applied to select pieces.



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