Desert Juniper & Resin Knife Magnets

Erin Hemmings's Artisan Knife Magnets:

Raw Materials:  100 year old Desert Juniper & Alumilite Resin

Erin has mastered the art of mixed media with these magnets.  Combining ancient Wyoming grown Desert Juniper and alumilite casting, these knife magnets provide a natural western look and feel to your kitchen.  Each Magnet is capable of holding our 7pc G-Fusion Chef Knife Set:  Superbread, Santoku, Chopper, Petty, Mini Chopper, Paring, and Mini Paring knives.  Save 15% on all knives when purchasing a magent and knife set together.

The Process from the Artist: 

Juniper branches are first cut laterally to allow powerful neodymium magnets to be inset to a precise depth. A unique method of casting has been applied to create this process. The tools and pressure chamber required to make each magnet was designed, invented, and built to accomplish this concept. The alumilite resin has been cured under 50 psi of pressure and required a 3 fee by 6 inch diameter pressurized chamber to complete this series.

All Knife Magnets are aproximately 23.5" x 2.5" x 1.25" 

To know exact sizes please do not hesitate to call the shop in Jackson Hole 307.733.4193




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