Aluminum Cast and Desert Juniper Round Knife Magnets (B)


Erin Hemmings's Artisan Knife Magnets:

Raw Materials:  100 year old Desert Juniper Crosscuts & Aluminum.

Erin has mastered the art of mixed media with these magnets.  Seven unique rounds are placed on 0.25" steel plate that has a hand painted permanent patina, and is waxed to seal.  The seven desert juniper round magnets are fully movable, allowing for customized spacing for varying knife sizes and shapes.  Each round is surrounded by cast aluminum and meant to hold one knife each. 

The Process from the Artist: 

Juniper rounds are first cut in half to allow powerful neodymium magnets to be inset to a precise depth. A unique method of casting is used to achieve the signature metal surround. I use a two-part casting system utilizing green sand, which needs to packed and shaped before the mold is ready for the molten aluminum. Poured at 1300 degrees, timing becomes critical as the juniper wants to ignite and burn. A quick dousing of sand retains the wood grain with only a light scorching at the rim. After the rounds cool down, excess aluminum is trimmed off and grinding and polishing begin to reveal the final look of each unique piece. The wood and aluminum are then sealed. I find that a few thin coats of food safe epoxy create the most durable finish on wood. It is more expensive but will last much longer than varnish. Aesthetically, it equals a fine hand rubbed oil finish.

Note: There is a front and a back to each round; the back is marked with a branded "O". The back is more magnetic than the front, which prevents the round from ever being accidentally pulled off the mounting plate. 

All that is left is shaping the steel mounting strip and some polishing of the aluminum. Also, as a last step I heat the aluminum to around 250 degrees with a torch, then rub on 100% pure (natural) Carnuba wax. This wax is hard as a rock and has to be heated before is can be rubbed into the aluminum. This step seals the metal and prevents oxidation.


Each Round: 3" Diameter
Length: 28 inches
Width:  0.25 inches (Due to brass spacers)
Height: 4.75 inches

Capable of holding seven knives, each round is fully movable against the steel plate. If you have any questions about this piece and how it can be installed please Contact Us!

Get this beautiful magnet with seven chef knives!
This knife set would come in assorted colors and feature our SuperBread, Santoku, Chopper, Petty, Mini Chopper, Paring, and Mini Paring knives. 

Note for assembly: The plates 'stand-off' from the wall .5" with custom solid brass bushings, and are secured with two screws, 16" on center with matching patina heads.  

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