Heirloom Damascus Carving Set - Brain Coral

Out of New West KnifeWorks Custom Shop come the most uniquely crafted chef knives ever! 

Hand-forged from our signature Damascus Steel, New West KnifeWorks presents our Heirloom Carving Set. Carrying on the traditional design of most classical carving sets, we feature our Twist Damascus in this two prong Fork and Carver Knife set. 

Brain Coral is a term used to describe a spongy Southeast Asian Red Coral that has been treated with heat. Tiger Coral is injected with resin to protect the coral from humidity and to provide a smooth finish.

Two Prong Fork: At 10.5 inches this fork is meant to stabilize every cut.  The Twist Damascus adds more than just a nice touch for the holidays. 

Carver Knife: The average carvering knife on the market averages only 8.5 inches. At New West we designed a 13.5 inch knife with out noteworthy 8.5 Twist Damascus Blade to ensure your place at the table.  Our signature steel is meant to last.

Sheath: Each Carving Set comes with a custom made welted leather sheath and exemplifies the refined detail that New West KnifeWorks has become known for.

Blades: Our blades are hand-forged Damascus steel; each is pattern-welded in-house using 1095 tool steel and 15N20 nickel tool steel.  These hand ground blades have a heft and a comfortable handle shape inspired by Western style hunting knives from Jackson Hole and the Rocky Mountain region.


Use will increase the contrast between high nickel 15N20 steel and the 1095 steel thus evolving the beauty of this handmade product.

These knives are made “over the hill” from Jackson Hole in our custom shop in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  The entire knife is handmade at our facility from forging the Damascus billet to stitching the sheath.

Our knifemakers are the leading producers of carbon Damascus steel in the world and have over forty years of experience in making knives.  Our unique small production, custom process allows us to make the finest handmade kitchen knives in the world at a fantastic price.

If meat carving is unfamiliar territory, visit the Slendid Table and listen to Corey's interview.  Corey is our leading knife designer and owner of New West Knifeworks.


Twist Pattern Damascus Carving Set Details:

Blade Length: 8.5”  Overall Length:  13.5”

Fork Length: 5”  Overall Length:  10” 

Steel:  1095 and 15N20 Carbon Tool Steel Damascus HRC59-60

Bolster: Brass

Handle: Brain Coral

Pins:  Brass and Mosaic