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The Fusionwood Chopper Knife performed perfectly in a test conducted with forty-five members of the Cooking Club of America. Cooking Pleasures magazine published the results in which our knife received a 100% approval rating. View the test results or read what the Cooking Club of America members had to say below.

Seal of Approval on Chopper Knife Review Test Result for Chopper Knife

Cooking Club of America

Product Test Report Synopsis

Quantity Tested 45
Approval Percentage 100%
Overall Rating 9.7 (Excellent)

Members of the Cooking Club of America also provided positive comments (below) during testing.

Cooking Club of America Member Comments

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Kristen Beaulieu

I recommend the Fusionwood Chopper for many reasons: the unique look, the quality, and the reasonable price for a high-end knife.

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Norman Bourgeois

I would tell anybody that this is one of the best knives — if not the best — I've ever used.

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Laura Dallman

This is a high-quality knife. The size and sharpness of the blade made chopping vegetables very easy. The handcrafted handle is a beautiful bonus.

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Bobbie Hay Craft

This knife was great when it came to chopping lettuce. I like that it cut up to a shredded stage and did it with great ease. It also sliced a tomato like it was butter.

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Daniel Hall

This is a beautiful knife. It's full-tang and very effective in chopping.

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Bill Hilbrich

I have limited storage space, so I have to make difficult choices. The Fusionwood Chopper now fills the slot in my knife block, and my Calphalon 8-inch chef knife is in a drawer.

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Chris Lee

This is a beautiful knife. It has a really unique and well-made handle that's heavy and fits your hand well.

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Jim Nielsen

This knife is not only functional, it's a work of art. The handle is perfectly balanced and smooth. It’s a joy to use.

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Deb Schwan

This knife is beautiful. The handle has a very nice fit. The knife is very sharp. It takes very little effort to cut smoothly through fruits and vegetables.