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Stefanie Pont Norwalk, CT

My cooking experience leans towards gourmet, so I loved the feel and performance of my New West KnifeWorks knives from the moment I used my first Chopper. But I knew they were the best when I hired a professional chef for a large party at my home. He started to unpack his personal knife kit, saw my entire set of New West KnifeWorks, tried them, and REPACKED his personal knife kit. His comment - "If you have knives like these, you MUST be a good cook!"

Charles Elder Houston, TX

I am a "home user" - cooking is my avocation and release from the stress of my real job.

I love knives and pride myself on having only the best quality knives in my kitchen - which used to be Wusthof and Henckels, but those have now been relegated to the pantry. My initial reaction upon seeing the New West KnifeWorks knives in the booth at the art show was that they were stunningly creative and beautiful but that they wouldn't be very good (great art isn't supposed to be functional, too) - until I picked up a chef knife and was stunned by its marvelous heft and balance. But the true hurdle was cleared when I ran my finger lightly across the blade and sensed the razor-sharp edge. I bought the Chef 8" as that is the size knife I use the most. My New West KnifeWorks collection now includes a Chopper, a set of eight Steak knives (the best in the WORLD!) and a Santoku that I bought this spring at the art festival, where I am a great impromptu "salesman" for these terrific knives to all who wander past the booth! Hands down, these are the best knives you can own - period.

While they cost more than many brands, they are definitely worth it and a real value when you consider how long you will own these incredible utensils. It is hard to describe the joy I feel each time I pick up one of my New West KnifeWorks knives and marvel at it beauty and utility.

Jim Arnold Park City, UT

I had the pleasure of meeting Corey Milligan at the Park City Arts Festival in August 2007. I was immediately impressed with the beauty and craftsmanship of the New West KnifeWorks products. I could not help myself but to indulge my desire… In the past year, I have enjoyed the knives immensely. They are solid, well balanced and maintain a great edge. Having owned knives from several quality, but larger multinational companies currently and in the past, there is no doubt that the New West KnifeWorks products are superior. They are all I use!

Rosemary Palm Desert, CA

I purchased two knives from Corey at the Indian Wells art fair several years ago. I have since ordered more. They are the only knives I use. I have an entire set of Wusthof knives, but I always reach for Corey's chef knife. The balance is perfect for me, not to mention the sharp edge, I do love these knives.

William Wilson Miami, FL

I live in Miami, and use your knives to cook at home. I lived for some time in Japan, where I also cooked daily, and was impressed enough with the quality of Japanese cooking knives that I brought a few of them back home to the States with me and have used them for over three decades. I can't remember where I found the advertisement for New West KnifeWorks, but they looked nice and I thought I would give them a try. I bought three sizes: one for cutting fish, chicken and large vegetables, one for smaller vegetables and fruit, and one paring knife. I have been so delighted with the weight, balance and just usability of these knives that I have retired my Japanese knives, and only use them when I need, but don't have time, to sharpen my New West KnifeWorks knives. In Japan I learned that there is no reason why everyday tools cannot also be aesthetically pleasing. Such tools add to the beauty of ordinary chores, improve the quality of life, and make what might have been considered "work" into a pleasure. Your knives are exemplary of this way of looking at life and its everyday tasks. Needless to say, they have my highest endorsement.

Elizabeth Chicago, IL

I first saw New West KnifeWorks at an art fair, bought two for myself, and since then they have been my favorite choice for a wedding gift. They are beautiful and practical and I am certain that will be an enduring and standout gift. I envision the newlyweds using the knives at umpteen different barbecues and dinners where family and friends will ask, "Where did you get these knives?" The favorite wedding gifts that I received some thirty years ago are those that I use all the time and which are unique. The New West KnifeWorks knives fit the bill!

Travis Canaday

I received one of your Fusionwood Chef 8". I freaking absolutely love the thing. I love the shape, weight, balance and looks. When I'm not actually using it, I find myself constantly fondling it, or sneaking glances at it. A few strokes on the Arkansas stone and it's a big razor. Puts my old Trident to shame. I love a well made tool, and I will treasure this one.

Suzanne Thomas Deerfield Beach, FL

I first fell in LOVE with the wonderful colors on the handles of these knives... I originally didn't purchase any of the New West KnifeWorks knives but ultimately I could not get these beautiful knives out of my mind. Before we left Crested Butte, I went back to the kitchen shop and purchased the New West KnifeWorks Mini Chopper and Paring knife set. (The clerk told me that the Mini Chopper was now her all-time favorite knife.) I love to cook and when I arrived home I couldn't wait to use my new knives! They are truly the best (and best-looking) knives I've ever used! The sharpness of the blades is unsurpassed and the beautiful colors, I can't say enough about these knives. Since I couldn't find any shops locally that carry these knives, my husband ordered a chef's knife from your website for me last Christmas. Now I have a set of three sitting beautifully on my magnetic knife rack. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE New West KnifeWorks knives!


I wanted to let you know what an impression these knives make in my kitchen, when I cook on the road, and now when I serve steaks or chops of some type. It is a real moment of pride in my home as the plates are served to pass the box for each guest to choose a knife from the assortment! The beauty of the knife, the ergonomics of its balance, even of a steak knife, and the cut of the blade... Like butter!

Pat O'Connor Pontiac, MI

I'd been waiting to find the perfect knife for years. I hadn't realized that I had been waiting for not just a find cutting tool but a piece of art that would be both beautiful and inspiring.

I was not planning on purchasing a knife at the "Art in the Park" art fair in Birmingham, Michigan where Corey Milligan had set up the New West KnifeWorks booth. But the beauty of the Fusionwood Chef 8" knife "ambushed" me. The knives were great to look at, rock solid, and Corey was an obviously proud craftsman (he introduced me to the term "bladesmith") as he talked about the knife's features. I couldn't resist and I've been happy, no, delighted with my knife ever since.

A few months after buying the Fusionwood Chef 8" I gave my father-in-law the Fusionwood Chopper for Christmas. He's a world traveller and serious chef who has talked his way into restaurant kitchens to glean secrets from chefs in both hemispheres. Now when we get together we swap "chopping stories." And I don't store the knife; it sits out on the counter in its handsome leather sheath. It's the prettiest thing in my kitchen.

Thanks for a great kitchen tool! In case of a fire, and If I have my wits about me, I will try to remember to grab my Fusionwood Chef 8" knife on the way out!

Oz Park City, UT

I bought a set of steak knives as a wedding gift and the people liked them so much, we bought a set for ourselves. Without a doubt the best knives we've ever owned and worth every penny. The amazing thing about the Steak knife design is the short, sharp blade is so maneuverable! Makes it easy to get the meat close to the bone. Straight cuts are no problem because you aren't sawing at the meat, one draw of the blade makes the cut.

Brenda Harrison TX

What a treasure I found when I discovered New West KnifeWorks! I started out with the Steak knives and loved them so much that they became Christmas gifts and wedding presents. Then, one by one, I increased my collection of what I would call my kitchen 'utility' knives. I have never been disappointed in these knives. I especially loved it when another 'knife seller' said bring out our best knife and I will show you how our knives differ. Grin, grin. He was quite surprised that I had a knife that would perform equally (if not better) to his. I look forward to purchasing my next knife!

Karen Travis Park City, UT

I first heard about New West KnifeWorks from my daughter... The first knife I received, as a gift, was a Fusionwood knife. I thought it was so beautiful. I then ordered a few more and got a few more as gifts so I had to acquire the exquisite wall display. I get raves from people about the beauty of the lines of the handles and designs of each style. When I entertain they are what I first grab to prepare any dishes. They are my favorite pieces of kitchen cutlery. But most of all, besides being delightful to look upon, their functionality is exceptional.

Thank you Corey for you wonderful creations!

Sally Brown Russ Houston, TX

I'm an an avid home cook, not a professional in the food industry.

I first found your knives at an art fair in Utah and then bought a second knife when you were at the art show in Houston.

Obviously, I liked the first knife so much, I bought a second one. They are well made, and I really appreciate the fact that I was able to send you my knife to be re-sharpened when it lost its point due to an unfortunate drop on a cement floor. You repaired it and sent it back at no charge, and it was as good as new. Your knives are a joy to use, and I love the beautiful handles. It's the first knife I reach for every time I need to chop, dice, slice... Whatever!

Amy Alvarez Buffalo, NY

I heard about New West KnifeWorks from my son who is in culinary school at Johnson and Wales. He wanted your professional model for his birthday. I saw there was a home version, so I ordered two for myself. They're great knives and I've enjoyed using them. Actually, I use them almost exclusively now. I have a set of Cutco, but I realize now how truly awful they are!

Malia MI

I have both a chef knife, that I use daily, and the Steak knife set. The ergonomic design of the handle is comfortable during use and I love the feel of the wood. When ever we entertain the Steak knives are always a topic of conversation and our guests not only love the look but the function. Sharpening is an ease through the mail back service that is offered and the results are impeccable. Thanks New West KnifeWorks!

Rosemary Mulia Westport, CT

I am a home user but I also own a casual dining restaurant. New West KnifeWorks knives are as practical as they are beautiful. These well designed cutting tools are perfect in so many ways. They feel good in the hand and are well balanced. I like my knives so much; I have given them as gifts. My only problem is that I save my best things for special occasions and as a result, I don't use my New West KnifeWorks knives as often as I should.

Sarah & Eric Cylvick Park City, UT

We first saw your knives at the Park City Arts Festival. They were so beautiful and well crafted we had to buy one for our kitchen. We take great delight in cooking good meals at home together and we use our knife every night. We loved ours so much that we also bought two knives as Christmas presents for our parents last year. We look forward to adding more of your knives to our collection!

Michelle Chicago, IL

I came upon New West KnifeWorks knifes at an art show in the northern suburbs of Chicago. The knives were so beautiful and available in all sizes and functions that I decided to purchase a few for use in our home. Not only are they unique and beautiful to put on display, but they work wonderfully. They don't dull as easily as our previous knives. I would highly recommend these knives and company. The Steak knife set and holder is going on my birthday wish list!

Chia Chia

I first saw your knives at the art fair in the pearl district of Portland, OR. This was over five years ago. Since then we have purchased New West KnifeWorks knives as wedding gifts for birthdays and no-occasion-necessary gifts (the Bread knife falls into this category). You have a wonderful product and the recipients have been highly impressed by the craftsmanship and performance of you knives.

Ann CT

We were in Park City, Utah enjoying the arts festival when my husband spotted your booth and your knives. He is the chef in our house and I knew that I had found the perfect Christmas gift. They are beautiful and very functional. Even I will enter the kitchen now.

Thanks for making such a great product!

June Kroop

The knives that I have purchased from you are the ones I use all the time. I don't like to cook but having good knives makes a big difference and yours are the best. They feel good in my hand, balanced and good to look at, which makes any cooking task so much easier. Thank you.

Pam Phoenix, AZ

I first saw the New West KnifeWorks Fusionwood knives at the Fountain Hills Craft Fair last year. I had to have the Chopper. It's as beautiful as it is functional. I went on to buy a set of two knives for my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas and a Chopper for my son from the website.

It's the most used knife in my kitchen.

Richard Shea

I just wanted to write to let you know how much we love your knives. We have had your Steak knives for about four years, bought a great Carving knife, a medium utility knife about 2 years ago, and have a great small utility knife we use for cheese and cutting veggies and fruit. You make a great product that always looks good and keeps performing as if you made it yesterday. Thanks for making such an attractive high quality product and please keep us posted as you add new products to your knife collection.

Jason Kallsen Saint Paul, MN

I'm a tool snob. I like handcrafted, balanced, and effective tools that have soul. When I was searching for new knives a few years ago, I spent an inordinate amount of time in the fancy kitchen stores at the highest end shopping malls. I annoyed the sales staff because of my insistence on keeping the knife cabinet open and letting me try out the product on real food. And I always left empty handed because something just didn't feel right.

I met Corey Milligan at a local food and wine show. I picked up one of his knives and that was that. This knife had soul, it felt like a handcrafted product made by somebody who knew his stuff. The balance and the weight were perfect. Trying to throw him a curveball (I had no idea the guy standing in front of me was the knifemaker himself), I asked a question about carbon steel versus stainless steel. He answered perfectly and I went home with five new knives.

There is no better knife on the market, because there is no other knife that comes with the personal touch, attention, and knowledge that New West Knifeworks brings to the table. Add to that the guarantees of quality and satisfaction, along with the insanely affordable 'knife tune up' and this makes these knives the bargain of the century.

If you're the kind of person that appreciates the best and likes to show it off to your friends and family, this is for you.