Superbread Knife

For Immediate Release

June 18th, 2009

New West Knifeworks introduces the "Super Bread Knife."

A bread knife that finishes the job without finishing the knuckles.

New West Knifeworks is introducing a new bread knife to the market. Not just a new style but a whole new concept. Corey Milligan, founder of New West Knifeworks, has always been passionate about cutlery. Through years of working in commercial kitchens and constant discussions and experimentation with professional chefs, Milligan strives to make knives that are at the cutting edge of function.

A common problem with traditional bread knives is that when using them, you must choose between chafing your knuckles or not slicing your loaf of bread through to the bottom. Some try to solve this problem by rotating the loaf as they get near the bottom. Knife companies have addressed the issue by using an "offset handle." However, the resulting knives tend to be extremely awkward.

After thinking about this problem for a number of years and testing many different concept models, Milligan came up with a solution. Enter the Super Bread Knife. The design of the knife is based on the effective shape of a chef knife. The handle, as with other offset bread knives, is above the serrated blade so you don't hit your knuckles when you cut to the bottom. However, because it is shaped more like a Chef knife, the Super Bread knife allows for a much more powerful, agile cut whether you're cutting bread or carving meats. The feedback from pros is that not only is it aces as a bread knife, but it's fantastic for all sorts of other cutting jobs as well.

To slice effectively, a knife needs a serrated blade. However, serrated blades can be impossible to sharpen. New West Knifeworks set about to solve this design problem as well. The Super Bread Knife features a unique "Wave" serration that allows it to be sharpened using a diamond or ceramic steel. This allows the knife to maintain the advantage of serration and still be kept razor sharp. The wave slices bread and meats like butter, sliding through with a remarkable lack of effort.

Often times, the flat side of a knife blade will collect bits of food or else the friction of the flat of the blade can actually tear or distort the shape of whatever is being cut. Whether it's a loaf of bread or a fine roast this can literally make slicing a drag. The Japanese "Santoku" has become immensely popular in part due to its handling of this problem. Many Santokus are made with indentations called "Kullens", "Dimple grinds", or "granton edge." The dimples help create separation from the food and make slicing smoother. The Super Bread Knife incorporates this popular feature from the Santoku.

By consulting with industry professionals, Milligan has created a unique bread knife designed to meet the real demands of the professional kitchen. However, at New West Knifeworks, innovation is always tempered with tradition. As with all of its blades, the Super Bread Knife is made in Seki, Japan. The fine craftsmen of Seki bring a 700 year legacy of making samurai swords to the forge. So, every innovation is always backed by the experience and wisdom of the highest tradition.

The Superbread Knife comes in six beautiful "Fusionwood" color patterns with an embossed leather sheath.