January 7, 2008

New West Knifeworks announces "The Fusionwood Santoku is here."

Combining the beauty of Fusionwood with the utility of Japanese knives

Wilson, Wy. — The New Year — New West Knifeworks is now selling its newest knife, the Fusionwood Santoku. Due to the popularity of the recently introduced Japanese style "Phoenix Knives" and the continuing demand for New West's Fusionwood line, Corey Milligan, New West's founder and knifemaker-in-chief, has created a hybrid of the two lines- fusing the Fusionwood and the Phoenix into one beautiful, efficient chef knife.

The custom designed blades arrived from Seki, Japan in the fall and Milligan has been making the handles in his workshop at the base of the Teton Mountains in gorgeous Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The resplendent colors of the mountain sunsets inspire the vivid color patterns of his Fusionwood handles. Milligan employs the services of the fine craftsmen of Seki to make the blades according to his strict specifications. The 800 year legacy of samurai sword making in the "City of Swords" infuses each knife with the rich tradition of producing the finest blades in the world.

The Santoku is the Japanese chef knife, great for chopping and fine slicing vegetables on the cutting board. The Fusionwood Santoku has a granton, hollow edge pattern on its blade. The granton pattern creates space between the blade and moist meats and vegetables, the air pocket between the blade and ingredients allows the food to separate more easily from the knife. The knife is made of premium Japanese high- carbon steel with an HRC rating of 57-59. In selecting the steel for the Fusionwood Santoku, Milligan chose the best steel for taking and maintaining a razor sharp edge with just enough resistance to qualify for a stainless rating- the ideal balance for the serious professional or home chef.

Fusionwood knives are "limited production" and only available from New West

Knifeworks at fine arts and craft shows and from New West's website. Fusionwood

handles come in ten different color patterns: cowboy, flamenco, fourth of July, harvest, Jessica,

mountain iris, peacock, Ruby, sunburst, and Tahoe shoreline.

For more information and product samples:

Michael Milligan Mike@newwestknifeworks.com