Thanksgiving Upgrade Lori Falcon

Lori Falcon

Describes Thanksgiving on the Ranch

Lori Falcon describes herself as 'a ranch wife and mom by day, blogging entrepreneur by night.' She has created one of the top food blogs on the net, This is no nonsense comfort food for ranch hands with an appetite. Don't let the down home veneer fool you, these are sophisticated vittles from the heartland. Here's what she had to say:

Take Your Time Turkey

'Consider marinating your turkey for at least 8 hours prior to cooking and use an injector for seasonings and marinade. Cook your turkey slow!! So many people get in a hurry for no reason. Perfection takes time! Finally, Turkey: 1/2 bottle of white wine & 1 stick of butter every 30 mins. Inside: apples & onions & fresh herbs. Gravy w/ drippings.'

Ranch Hand Potatoes (with Ranch Dressing)

'Mashed potatoes with a baked potato flavor are popular -- using new potatoes can make a big difference in taste. We also like to make a potato salad version. We put ranch dressing, boiled eggs, and sweet relish into the already cooked potatoes and it's a hit!'

Free to Choose Gravy

'Since we have some picky eaters, we always make 2 different gravies. One-the old fashioned way, with the giblets & boiled eggs, and one with cream of chicken soup. Simply add some milk, salt and pepper and it will suit the most picky eaters -- like the KIDS!'

Green Beans with Soul

'Instead of a traditional green bean casserole, we make Blackened Green Beans and they are always enjoyed by everyone and requested most often next to my Banana Pudding from scratch. Can't have a family dinner without either!'