Thanksgiving Upgrade Kalyn Denny

Kalyn Denny

Makes 'Low Carb Thanksgiving' More Than an Oxymoron

Kalyn Denny has combined her commitment to healthy living with a passion for good eating. Her blog is devoted to the recipes she uses to optimize her health by following the South Beach Diet. Kalyn's Kitchen has been a top food blog for several years because of her commitment to making the low carb diet a delicious endeavor. Thanksgiving is by far the most carb heavy holiday (unless you're used to eating an entire bag of Halloween candy.) We asked Kalyn for some low-glycemic T-Day options and she kindly referred us to the following delicious links on her blog. Thanks Kalyn for looking out for our Thanksgiving waistlines!

Menu Options for South Beach Diet Friendly Thanksgiving (Also Good for Diabetics)

Low Glycemic Holiday Recipes for Thanksgiving

Tips and Recipes for Turkey Gravy

Two Types of Lower-Glycemic Stuffing for Non-Traditional Stuffing:

Whole Wheat Stuffing with Sage, Italian Sausage, and Pears

Whole Wheat and Mushroom Stuffing