Thanksgiving Upgrade

Thanksgiving 2.0

Holiday Gets an Upgrade from Online Foodies

The internet has changed our lives. News from around the world and endless information is at our fingertips. It has transformed everything from dating to shopping to banking. With social networks like My Space and Facebook, you can track down the kid who sat next to you in your third grade reading class and find out what people in Copenhagen think about the elections in the US.

An area that has not received as much notice, but has seen tremendous development, is Food Culture. The internet allows moms in Kansas to swap recipes with Parisian Chefs. Cooking forums have become an arena for sharing tips, debating ingredients, and even getting immediate advice on how to solve an unseen problem in a preparation from pros.

The world of blogs is also a great leveler. People all over the world can cook, and not all great gourmands have degrees. The blogosphere provides a space for serious home cooks to share the secrets and recipes they have developed and received through many generations of home cooking.

This Thanksgiving, we contacted some of our favorite bloggers and forums to offer tips and advice for our subscribers T-Day tables.