Phoenix Carbon Steel knives are made with 52100 carbon steel and feature the new 2.0 blade and grind design. 52100 has been made famous in recent years because it is the steel of choice for knives made by Bob Kramer, the only American Bladesmith Society Mastersmith, who specializes in kitchen cutlery. For those who appreciate old school carbon steel knives, these are it, plus cutting edge design, modern fabricating techniques and the precision heat treatment used on all of our knives. These knives have a combination of edge holding and ease of sharpenability unparalleled in kitchen knives. 

About Phoenix Carbon

Highly skilled hands and modern precision tools work in concert to create a new standard in quality and workmanship. The finest materials are sculpted, assembled and hand-finished to ensure every piece is a perfect work of art. For over 15 years, New West KnifeWorks and Corey Milligan have made these knives and won awards at the nation's top juried fine art shows. The knives have been featured in many of the nation's top culinary and design magazines.

The Phoenix Carbon embodies the spirit of our Phoenix Line of knives.  Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the old, the Carbon Phoenix line uses a work horse tool steel that has been in use in industry for many years and repurposes it using state of the art manufacturing techniques to create a knife that, for many, is the ultimate in performance and beauty . 

52100 Carbon Tool Steel

This workhorse tool steel has been in use for industrial applications for many years.  It is the most commonly used steel in the production of ball bearings and has been used in a wide range of tool making applications.  In recent years it has gained much notoriety as the steel of choice of Bob Kramer, ABS Mastersmith and preeminent maker of handmade, one of a kind kitchen knives in the US.

What makes 52100 work so well is it’s relatively high carbon content (1.0%-1.05%) combined with a small amount of chromimum for added strength.  The simple composition of the steel allows for the formation of a very fine grain structure that produces a very tough steel with excellent wear resistance.  In knife terms, that means it takes and holds a super fine edge without braking or chipping. The fine low carbide grain structure is also what makes this steel sharpen like a DREAM.

52100 carbon steel does sharpen better than any "stainless" steel but extra care is required to keep it from rusting. This a knife for folks who enjoy working with a fine tool and enjoy maintaining it as part of the pleasure of ownership. The carbon steel will patina or change color over time.  Care and Maintenance

2.0 Blade Design and Grind

The Fusionwood 2.0 plunge ground blade and tapered tang represents a fusion of Asian and European blade styles.  It combines the heft of a European knife with the cutting ability of a super thin Asian blade.   For professionals and folks who use it, extra thick steel in front of the handle provides a comfortable pinch grip for the blade. All of this combines to create a knife unparallel in performance balance and beauty. (More about 2.0 design)

Care and Maintenance

The Carbon Steel Blade will discolor and rust. Any rust and heavy discoloration should be removed by scrubbing in hot soap and water with the abrasive side of a two sided sponge, scotch brite pad or fine steel wool. It is important not to let rust remain on the blade for extended periods of time. This can lead to pitting and permenant damage. The knife should be washed and dried after use. It should not be left sitting wet for extended period of time. If being stored for an extended period, the blade should be oiled with mineral oil or any cooking oil except olive oil before storage.