When the Pros Come to Town Meal #1

When my Brother and Sister in Law come to town it is always a culinary delight. They are both LA uber chef's. My wife's brother, Chris Kidder, has been cooking on the highest level for over 15 years. He is probably best known for being the Chef de Cuisine at LA institution Campanille when they won the James Beard Award for being the best restaurant in the US. These days in true LA fashion he works as a personal Chef for an LA power couple. In the last couple months besides entertaining movie stars he has cooked dinner for the likes of Michelle Obama and Tipper Gore. Chris's, wife, Kim Sklar Kidder, is one of LA's finest pastry Chef's. These days she is mostly cooking pastries for my niece and nephew but her resume includes pastry chef for La Brea Bakery and later pastry chef for LA hot spots AOC and Lucques. Normally, I am the Lord of my kitchen but when Kim and Chris come to town, I get out of the way and let them make the magic.

I tried to document some of the delicious food we had during there visit. I'm going to do a few posts with menu's and recipes of things we had while they were staying with us. This is truly a special time for eating as it is also the peak of harvest from my garden.

As much as possible, everything we ate, I grew, was grown locally or Kim and Chris brought with them from their local Cali Farmers market.

Sunday Night Dinner Menu

Grilled locally handmade sausages

Roasted home grown potatoes and mustard green salad

Cremed local Sweet Corn and butter

Star Valley (local) cucumbers with home grown mint, basil, and chive salad with rice wine vinegar

Roasted local carrots and onions

Utah Watermelon

Kim's Cali peach and blueberry crisp

Dinner was incredible, tons of delicious fruits and vegetables, as is the season. The following blogs will give some recipes for some of the different dishes we created.