St. Patty's Day in Jackson Hole - What to Eat and What to Drink

What to Eat and What to Drink on St. Patty's Day
Jackson Hole - 3/15/2016


My last name is Campolattaro, and but that hasn’t stopped me from being Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.  Growing up in Catholic school, St. Patrick’s Day was always a school holiday.  As students we were allowed to ditch our uniforms as long as we wore green and I always bore my Mom’s favorite pin that said, “ If you’re not Irish then Fake It.  Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.” As my palate evolved so has my choice of St. Patrick’s Day traditions.  As I enter the realm of 30 years of age, my St. Patty’s Day now involves good company, better beer, and the best corn beef sandwich Jackson Hole has to offer.  If you are in Jackson for the ‘greenest’ day of the year, here is a quick guide to what to eat, and what to drink. 

Where to Eat:

Corned Beef is a cherished commodity in March.  This beautiful salt-brined cut can be served so many ways.  But for me it needs to be served on Rye bread with sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing- The Reuben.  Growing up a hop, skip and a jump from New York City, it wasn’t hard to find a good Reuben.  But as I traveled West, it became harder and harder to find traces of a true delicatessen.  That whole in my heart was filled when Café’ Genevieve’s opened up around the corner from New West KnifeWorks.  This southern influenced bistro takes the cake for Jackson’s best Reuben.  A thick juicy slab of homemade Corned Beef is escorted with the perfect ratio of sauerkraut to Thousand Island dressing.  The sauce and cabbage by no means takes away from the perfectly textured reddish hued rump roast.

Even if it isn’t St. Patty’s Day treat yourself to one of the finest sandwiches in the Rocky Mountain West. If you don’t think it is one of the best sandwiches you have ever had, please come yell at me.  The shop is right around the corner.

Café Genevieve’s:  135 E Broadway Jackson, WY 83001
307. 732.1910


Cafe Cenevieve's Reuben!











What to Drink:

  If you are a beer drinker like me, it is a great time to live and play in Jackson Hole.  In the last eight years my mountain town has become a micro- brewery hub.  With four amazing local breweries my thirst for good beer is always quenched.  This St. Patrick’s Day you can find me at Snake River Brewery enjoying their Zonker Stout. Dark and rich, this stout beer carries notes of chocolate and caramel and served on Nitro just like Guinness. But unlike the world’s most popular draught, this beer is brewed in my backyard. 


   SRB: 265 South Millard Street Jackson, WY 83001
   307.739. 2337


 Cheers, and Happy St. Patrick's Day!


 - Anthony







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