One Stop Shopping

New this year in our town is a People's Market, it is on Wednesdays near our Town Square. From what I can tell, it is a farmer's market that has a little of everything (jewelry, herbs, fresh veggies, dog accessories and treats, pizza, seafood, the list is endless!) and goes the distance to promote buying local. Oh wait, first I have to tell you that while driving to the People's Market we had an earthquake, it was a bit of a surprise but being a San Francisco native I didn't think twice and a little earthquake wasn't going to keep me from my fresh produce.

People's Market with Snow King Mountain in the back, afternoon thundershower also looming.

I have a method when I go to farmer's markets. First lap, browse by each stand. Second lap, buy! On the first lap I saw a few things that I liked, beer, cheese, jewelry, live herb plants and mushrooms. I have had the delectable mushrooms from Mountain Valley Mushrooms before so I made an exception to my usual rule and stopped off for half a pound. I can't remember the type of mushroom, just that I asked for the best ones for grilling and received two big mushrooms! On the second lap I picked up

cheese after sampling the Idaho product.

This is sheep's milk cheese from Lark's Meadow Farms and let me tell you, it is creamy and sweet with a touch of salt. I have just been nibbling away at the block since Wednesday, no crackers or fruit needed. Yum!

Back at the homestead my dog inspected the afternoon's work

cheese, mushrooms and earrings.

So to re-cap, I survived an earthquake, added to my jewelry collection, satisfied my cheese addiction and found something for dinner. Not bad for a Wednesday afternoon.

P.S. One of the best parts of the People's Market is the live music and lawn you can relax on while drinking a beer and enjoying local treats.

Just another Wednesday afternoon in Jackson Hole.