New West KnifeWorks Knife Sighting!

Last weekend our friends got married in Teton Village, Wyom. and I spotted two New West KnifeWorks knives!

Sighting #1
There was a whole roasted pig. Unfortunately, I failed to bring the camera up to where the pig was being roasted, but here is a photo from another pig roast I found on the internet:

This looks exactly like the set-up that I saw.

Want to roast your own pig in this style? Check out this website. Let me tell you, this pig was a big hit as entertainment being roasted and as a meal. While I was browsing the cooking area I spotted a Phoenix Petty in the popular Cocobolo color. It turns out the knife was a gift that day to the chef from the groom as thank you for roasting this feast. What a great idea!

Sighting #2
In my opinion no wedding is complete with out some sort of cheese platter. I am yet to meet a cheese that I did not like. This party not only had a great appetizer spread of locally made snacks, but a tasty and abundant cheese platter. And what did I spot doing all the hard work of cutting those delicious dairy morsels? A Fusionwood Chopper. This knife cut through brie, manchego and gouda like they were all butter. Side note, the Fusionwood Mini Chopper would also perform well in this situation.

The Fusionwood Chopper gets the job done on the cheese platter.

Finally, I have to tell you that there were some delicious locally made cupcakes! They were so tasty and easy for people to just grab one and go back to celebrating.

The cupcake "cake."

To summarize, if you are looking for a great thank-you gift for a friend this summer no need to look farther than the Petty. Also, if you want your party to be a huge hit don't forget the cheese platter and Fusionwood Chopper (or Mini Chopper). Finally, cupcakes are not just for kids, and should be included in gatherings when ever possible.