New Laser Marker

This Spring we purchased a new laser marker for marking our knife blades.  We have had our blades laser marked for over ten years but the new marker allows us to do the work in house.   It also allows a lot of additional options for custom marking, numbering and marking the steel type we are using.  As we have always made our knives to last a lifetime, we have always thought it was important to have a permanent mark on our blades.  Most cutlery companies’ use a cheaper electro etch that wears off in a few years.

Laser Marker


One cool discovery we made in setting the marker is that Lego’s are the perfect tool to make a temporary fixture to hold the knives in place while being marked.  Having small children, I have had a growing appreciation of the Lego as the greatest child’s toy ever invented.  It was my favorite as a child and it is my children’s favorite toy.  I never even considered that it could be a great tool for knife manufacturing as well.


 Laser Mark