Giving Back to R-Park

Giving Back. 

New West KnifeWorks assists in raising $3,500 for local non-profit Rendezvous Park.

March 2016

Rendezvous Park was once a gravel pit on the west bank of the mighty Snake River.  About two years ago, Corey and a team of dedicated business owners, community leaders, and other driven naturalists made it a mission and turned this eye soar into a community park.  As a board advisory member Corey still strives to make Rendezvous Park even more special.  With the help of donors and fund raising, R-Park as we like to call it, is now a beautiful landscape with natural pools, green grass, and plenty of space to enjoy natural surroundings. 

For the past few years Corey has been recruiting his family, friends, and employees to put on a benefit dinner for R-Park.  With the help of Aspens Market owners Mike and Karen Reid, as well has Westside Wine & Spirit owners Katrina and Brandon Ryan, this 28 person benefit dinner sold out in just a few days.

As much as Corey would like to acknowledge his own culinary genius, it was his offspring that most definitely stole the show. Featuring suckling pig, Buck’s angel wing pasta, and the Milligan staple New Style Carpaccio, the cuisine was beyond comfort food.  The guests and staff knew the extra ingredients of pride, love, and togetherness for R-Park enhanced every bite.

“Corey’s passion for food, friends, and Rendezvous Park was infectious, filling the Aspen’s Market with smiles, laughs, and full bellies.” – Elisabeth Rohrbach Development and Communications Director Rendezvous Land Conservancy

“There is something about preserving what matters the most to this valley- natural beauty.  And in this case what a great cause R-Park is for turning a riverside gravel pit into an incredible community park.”-  Derek Castro Head Butcher at Aspens Market 

To learn more about R-Park check out there website. (

If you are ever in Jackson Hole and want to try some of the best locally grown and harvested foods, you definitely need to stop by the Aspens Market.  

And what is a good Pork Chop with a good libation to go with it!





R Park's Opening Community Celebration from Rendezvous Lands Conservancy on Vimeo.