Food In Jars and NWKW team up to make the perfect Petty Knife

Our Petty Knife was custom enough for Marisa from Food in Jars
June 2015 


Marisa from Food in Jars has brought the lost art of canning back to the kitchens of everyday people. We have worked with Marisa on a few occasions. 

She is usually one of the first people outside New West to try new blade designs.  But last June we wants to reward Marisa for being such an awesome friend, fan, and confidant with building her a custom chef knife.

Our initial intensions were to construct something magical for Marisa featuring our signature hand forged Damascus steel and exotic handle materials.  But after our first conversation with Marisa, Corey and the rest of our design team went in a completely different route.  Two of the biggest changes to our initial design for Marisa were in the size and steel.  

When we work with chefs, writers, and bloggers to build them a custom knife we ask two immediate questions:

1)   What knives do you use?

2)   What do you like most about those knives?

These questions give Corey as basic idea of what the knife should look like.  Our questions get a bit more specific once we get the gist of what the, in this case the chef, is after.  For example some questions we asked Marisa were, “ What is your preferred flex for a knife?” and “ Where do you enjoy the balance point to be?”

From the get go we knew Marisa uses our knives as well as a collection of others.  But her dream knife had to be something thin and easy to handle that would be able to according to Marisa, “ hull strawberries, slice cucumbers for pickles, core tomatoes easily, and slip peaches away from their pits.”

For Marisa canning involves a lot of vinegar and other highly acidic foods.  Because of this we opted out of using our Damascus steel.  The reason being is that some of the properties of our Damascus could react to such highly acidic foods.  The reaction isn’t poisonous!

The profile of the blade came rather easy for Corey, thanks to Marisa and her knowledge and experience with our knives.  A few years ago Marisa was one of the first kitchen professionals to test one of our Fusionwood 2.0 S35VN Petty knives.  That knife is still one of her go to knives.  So we asked, “ How could we make our Petty knife better for you?”

“Flex,” Marisa responded with.  Marisa enjoys a bit more taper to her knives giving her the ability to make precision cuts on the fruits and veggies she jars up.  Luckily as Corey explained, “ I think we already make a knife like that.”  At the time of our collaborative project with Marisa we were in the process of increasing the taper on our Petty knife.  With a more tapered tip and tail, the Petty knife would immediately be much more flexible. 

Trust me when I say we would have loved to make Marisa a custom Damascus chef knife, but we didn’t have to.  Our new G-Fusion Petty Knife is, “The knife I’d been hoping for.” according to Marisa.

There are millions of food bloggers out there.  But Marisa and Food in Jars is one of the special ones.  We suggest you read up on her and her craft.

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Cheers Marisa, and thanks for working with us!


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