Creamed Corn

When Chef Brother Chris was visiting, one of things that he made was creamed corn. It was a revelation! Having grown up in central Ohio, where we believed we grow the best tasting sweet corn in the world, I ate a ton of corn growing up. I never questioned whether there was anyway to eat sweet corn than on the cob. Chris' preparation was unbelievably simple and delicious. My only experience with creamed corn was a healthy disrespect for the stuff that comes in a can. Who knew creamed corn doesn't even have cream?

The key to this recipe is good sweet corn. We got ours from the local farmers market. It was grown over the pass in Idaho, as close we can get to local. It was pretty good. (No Buckeye sweet corn but pretty good).

Here's the recipe.

Grate the corn off the cob using the largest cutters on a box grater. Chris used a baking pan to catch the grated corn.

Pour contents into a sauce pan.

Add some butter

Simmer and stir occasionally until it is done. A couple of ears takes about ten minutes. This batch with about 6 ears took a half hour. Much like corn on the cob, some folks like it cooked a little some like it cooked more. Just taste it until you like it.

Finish with more butter and salt to taste. Much like the noble mashed potato this dish can be enhanced with additional flavor like truffle oil, sage or garlic. But it is hard to beat butter and salt.