Bison Feast

After the bison was all wrapped up and put in the freezer, I invited the hunting party over for a dinner featuring bison much like an episode of Iron Chef. For more about the bison get the previous blog.

The featured cocktail was Bourbon on the rocks with a Bison Jerky stir stick.

I made two kinds of jerky from the bison.

1. Soy sauce, pepper and fresh garlic

2. Garden fresh herbs: sage, rosemary and thyme, salt, pepper and maple syrup.

The first course: New Style Bison Carpaccio

I got the idea for this dish from Nobu's new style sashimi. Nobu invented this dish for "gringo's" who are squeamish about eating raw fish. He takes smoking hot olive oil and drizzles it over a plate of sashimi to lightly sear it. Same with the carpaccio. I thinly sliced bison tenderloin with the Phoenix 9. Then lightly pounded it paper thin between two sheets of wax paper. After arranging on the plate, I scattered thyme, fresh garlic, salt and pepper over it. I then drizzled smoking hot olive oil over the plate to sear the tenderloin and release the yumminess of the garlic and thyme. Then arrange garden fresh arugula dressed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Course 2: Mesquite grilled bison Italian sausage and sauteed garden fresh mustard greens with garlic and balsamic vinegar.

Course 3:Mesquite grilled Bison burger mixed with morel mushrooms, with homemade pickle,garden fresh onion, tomato and mayo. Served with garden fresh tomato and mint salad.

Course 4: Aged bison tenderloin smothered in butter and rosemary, grilled on mesquite charcoal. Served with garden fresh roasted potatoes and mixed green salad.

Because it has no fat, it is great to smoother the tenderloin in butter before you grill it so you can get a nice char on the outside before the inside is over cooked. Like all game meat, bison goes from succulent rare quickly to well done and tough.

I don't think it would have defeated an Iron Chef but it was pretty darn good!