Howdy, and welcome to our bog, "Living in the New West."  We hope to offer our readers, customers, and followers some insight into the adventures our knife team likes to find themeselves in. These 'adventures' take place in the mountains, rivers, and kitchens of Jackson Hole and beyond. Enjoy!

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New Style Carpaccio By Corey Milligan
Six easy steps to making a crowd favorite Game Appetizer
January 2016


Coyote Loop's Freshest Potato Salad (Recipe)
Greens, Russets and some EVOO is all you need!
October 2010

Bison Feast!
Some of Corey's Favorite Game Recipes
October 2010


Creamed Corn
Chris Kidder's Twist on a Mid West Staple
October 2010


Hurray Pickles
Pickle your own garden veggies with these simple guidlines
August 2010


Coyote Loop's Freshest Salad
Loose Instructions on starting your own garden
June 2009

Popsciles for Adults
Best Summer Adult Treat EVER!
August 2010


Is there anybody who doesn't like currants?
October 2009


Giving Back to "R-Park"
Corey Milligan and friends show off their culinary genius to benefit local non-profit
March 2016

What to Eat and What to Drink on St. Patty's Day
A quick beer and sandwich review of some JH favorites
March 2016

Custom Knife Build with Food In Jars
Featuring our Petty Knife
June 2015

Building a Custom Chef knife for All Star Chef Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen
Custom Damascus Chef Knives
April 2016


Leftovers  to Make a Sweet Grill
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle
April 2012



Flood at the old Knife Factory
Knife Production takes a hault after 12" of New England Weather
October 2011


Bison Harvest
Sustainable, Responsible, and Grass Fed
Caution: Images of Bison Slaughter
October 2010



The Carving Knife is great for Butchering!
Caution: Graphic Images - Best Cuts with a Sharp Knife
October 2010



Grand Opening!
Our Aspens store was good to us, but we like it better just off
the square in downtown Jackson
September 2010

What do chocolate and a paring knife have in common?
Ultimate gift duo
September 2010


When the Pros come to Town
Being related to culinary royalty has its perks
August 2010


Petty Goes Camping
The need for a utility chef knife
August 2010


New West KnifeWorks Sighting!
Finding America's best chef knives outside Jackson Hole
August 2010


One Shop Shopping
A review of Jackson Hole's People's Market
August 2010


Iguana in Panama
Corey Surfs and Cooks the native Waves and Wildlife
March 2010


Morel Hunting
Reaping the benifits of Jackson's secret fungus
September 2009


The Bread Knife Showdown
How our Superbread took down Chris Reeves 
June 2009


Tales of the SuperBread
Roots stand no chance with our Serration
June 2009


A Farmers Market Bay Area Style
April 2009